NC Forever is a unique coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations that share a commitment to the conservation of our state’s land and water resources.



There are many ways you can support NC Forever and its mission. You can help further NC Forever’s cause by donating to the organization or by simply contacting your legislator to express your concerns about the state’s natural resources.



NC Forever is committed to the preservation of our state’s beautiful resources. We are enthusiastic and hopeful about our charge and confident that the future of our mission will be accomplished through our consensus-based approached.



NC Forever is a unique coalition of businesses and environmental organizations that share a commitment to the conservation of North Carolina’s lands and waters. Through direct lobbying efforts, we communicate the importance of protecting our natural resources.

NC Forever holds board retreat

The NC Forever board of directors held a weekend board retreat at Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary Lodge in Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks. The weekend consisted of varoius activities like visiting the Currituck Maritime Museum which includes “historic boats, artifacts, and other displays that will tell the stories of local businesses and citizens who…


North Carolina Forever and several special guests held a webinar on December 14 titled “Oysters!” Oysters are a “keystone” species in North Carolina providing tremendous ecological, economic and social benefits. In this webinar we heard from several North Carolina oyster experts: Erin Fleckenstein, Coastal Scientist and Regional Office Manager, North Carolina Coastal Federation, speaking on…

NC Working Lands, Natural Resources & the Military: A Partnership for Mutual Gain

North Carolina Forever presented the latest in a series of educational webinars about issues facing our state’s lands and waters on November 10th from 2-3PM. The webinar, moderated by NC Forever board member and Director – Environmental Services at Martin Marietta Steve Whitt, was titled “NC Working Lands, Natural Resources & the Military: A Partnership…