NC Forever is a unique coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations that share a commitment to the conservation of our state’s land and water resources.



There are many ways you can support NC Forever and its mission. You can help further NC Forever’s cause by donating to the organization or by simply contacting your legislator to express your concerns about the state’s natural resources.



NC Forever is committed to the preservation of our state’s beautiful resources. We are enthusiastic and hopeful about our charge and confident that the future of our mission will be accomplished through our consensus-based approached.



NC Forever is a unique coalition of businesses and environmental organizations that share a commitment to the conservation of North Carolina’s lands and waters. Through direct lobbying efforts, we communicate the importance of protecting our natural resources.

“Building Resiliency in North Carolina” webinar – May 20th

North Carolina Forever hosted the first in a series of educational webinars about issues facing our state’s lands and waters. “Building Resiliency in North Carolina,” took place from 4-5PM on May 20. Our panel discussed the increasing frequency of flooding events, which affects North Carolina’s inland and coastal communities alike. They explored what this means…

Swans Over the Moon

By Tom Earnhardt While fishing with my father near Cape Lookout on an October day in the mid 1960s, we watched the full moon rising in the east just before the sun set behind us over Shackleford Banks. The air was so clear that with the aid of binoculars we could see craters on the…

Board Profile: Michelle Wells

We profile NC Forever Board Member Michelle Wells from the NC Recreation and Parks Association.